Sunday, November 27, 2016

Writing and Love

Over a few weeks I started to ponder as to whether I should continue with writing and stop being patient with love altogether.  I know that I have written in past post to be patient and wait for love and I still agree with that idea, but I am human and at times my emotions can get the best of me.  I become discouraged and impatient.  I start to feel like things are not working in my favor in a swift enough pace or on the occasion that I do meet someone I begin to think that I have found what I've been waiting for but when that prospect becomes dim it is enough to make a person want to abandon ship.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Retraction

Last Sunday, I wrote a post titled "Silent Goes The Text" in which I stated that I recently met a man and we were hanging out and even went on a date.  Then all of a sudden he up and stopped communicating with me. 

That Sunday night as I prepared to go to sleep the gentleman, that I wrote about [in the blog post], sent me a text message.  I coldly replied that he should read my latest blog post and I didn't hear from him again until a couple days later.  I received a phone call from him one evening and at first I was hesitant to answer, but I did.  We exchanged a hello and hey and by the cheerless tone of his voice I could tell that he had read my blog and he had.  There was a brief awkward silence, then he began to tell me what prevented him from contacting me.  With each word he spoke I immediately felt regret about what I had written for the world to see.