Monday, September 12, 2016


It was just a normal evening and I was making my way from work to home.  I was at the WMATA Metro station on the down escalator when I noticed a man a few steps ahead of me.  His body frame and a dark spot at the nape of his neck is what caught my attention.  I wondered to myself as to whether his face was just as attractive as everything else.  So, when the escalator reached the bottom, I maneuvered through the crowd of commuters to get a glimpse of this gentleman's face.  I go through the faregate and onto the platform and there he is.  I walk by him and glance up and yes, he was cute.  However, I simply shrugged it off as one of those random times when we encounter someone really attractive, similar to finding paper money on the ground.

About a day or so later, one morning, I was at Starbucks waiting for either a venti very berry hibiscus or green tea lemonade (I can't remember) and there he was, the attractive man from the escalator.  He was waiting for his caffeinated drink.  I started formulating in my mind what I should say to him or if I should even approach him at all, but nothing was coming to mind.

The reason I couldn't find anything to say is because I am accustom to men approaching me first and not the other way around.  Therefore I am more prepared for the follow up instead of initiating.