Sunday, January 29, 2017

Working On Consistency

Last week one of my 2017 goals faltered a bit.  Before the new year, I made several goals and one of them is to post to my blog once a week every Sunday.  Well, last week I missed posting.  I wish I could say that I was wrapped up doing something exciting like I've found a new love or off exploring exotic lands, but nope, I was at home struggling with something to write. 

Sure, I had written content, but I didn't feel good about anything that I had written nor was I ready to post any of it.  Some of my written drafts are incomplete ideas or just plain unfinished. I did not want to post just anything especially if I didn't feel good about what I had written.  It would have been a disservice to the readers who not only take the time to read my blog, but also share my blog on their social media timeline.  Quality over quantity.

Perhaps I am being over dramatic, but I am very hard on myself and at times my very own worst critic.  I am the first person to admit to my own foibles .  So, when it became clear that I wouldn't be posting, because I have a particular time that I like to post by, I felt like a failure.

I was starting to show inconsistency. 

People always say that when it comes to relationships communication is key and I agree, however there must be consistency as well.  If the communication is not constant then things can fall to pieces and undoubtedly leave someone or both parties involved in limbo.  Truthfully, to be successful at anything there has to be a certain level of consistency.  When it comes to romantic relationships consistency displays two things: relevance and interest.

If I meet a man and he consistently sends me good morning, how are you, call me, good night, etc. -- text messages or when we talk on the phone he is consistently telling me how he feels about me and consistently making an effort to spend time with me, this is him repeatedly displaying to me my relevance to him and his interest in me.  When I reciprocate those same actions I am showing him, his relevance to me and my interest in him.

I cannot say in every instance one hundred percent that because a person is performing the action of consistent communication that they are showing that another person is relevant to them or that their interest in that person is genuine.  Typically people do not take the time to consistently communicate with someone that has no relevance to their lives or they have no real interest in.  However, there are some crafty human beings among us who will slither into a persons life with false intentions.  I hope that none of you encounter these people or become one of those people.

So, I am going to continue to work on my consistency with writing and posting to this blog and who knows, perhaps this consistency will trickle over into a love life.

Thanks for reading!
(John 3:16)

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