Sunday, September 27, 2015

No One Is Perfect...But Me

No, I don't think I am perfect, but catchy title, right?

No one is perfect we have heard that phrase over and over again, but do we actually accept it as fact?  Or when we say it, do we really mean no one is perfect...but me?  We, as human beings have a tendency to only recognize the flaws and faults in others, but not within ourselves.  Sometimes we have to turn the mirror on us. 

So, just for fun I have decided to list five of my flaws.  This isn't easy and now that I am thinking about it not all that fun, but I can't tell my readers to look inside themselves and evaluate their flaws when I'm not willing to do the same. 

I would like to also state that these flaws are not part of my character ALL THE TIME, but every now and then they can rise to the surface.
  1. Selfish
  2. Self-centered
  3. Shallow
  4. Politically Incorrect
  5. Expect more from others than I am willing to give
See, my list wasn't that bad, but then again I only listed five.  What would be on your list?  You can share it with me or not it is totally up to you.  Remember, no one is perfect, not even you.

Thanks for reading!
(John 3:16)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Discouraged Not Hopeless

On this journey to love I get discouraged at times.  I feel sad, think love is not going to happen for me, get the sensation that I want to cry, but I don't actually cry, I fall asleep and when I wake up either in the middle of the night or morning I somehow feel better.  The discouragement has gone away and I forge ahead to a new day.

Feeling discouraged is fine and completely normal in my opinion.  It can become a problem when a person chooses to wallow in it because eventually that simple discouragement can transform into a feeling of hopelessness.  Like I always say, stay hopeful.

So, for my readers that are feeling a little discouraged and overall down on love I want to tell you that it's normal and it's all right to go through your little routine of feeling sad, but do not become so immersed in the sorrow that it is allowed to mutate into something more detrimental to your spirit.  Remember, everything happens in due time...even love.

Thanks for reading!
(John 3:16)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Door Hinge and Heartbreak

One time when I was a child, one of my older brothers and I were playing with the bathroom door.  Just like a child I was being careless and the ring finger on my left hand got to close to the hinged side of the door and...BAM!  My finger got closed in the door.  To this day I still remember how the pain felt.  The door slamming on my finger did hurt, but it was the surprise of this unforeseen injury that made an impact on me.