Friday, April 23, 2010

Long Distance Relationships

I was once asked to do a blog about long distance relationships and so here it is: I was once in a long distance relationship back when my love was fresh and new. I wasn't a full adult so I hadn't yet established what it is I wanted or needed out of a relationship. Just like all 18-year-old's I thought I knew everything and that everything would be simple.
I knew I would definitely miss my then boyfriend and first love, but I planned in my head the times we would see each other so it made things easier for me. But before I get to ahead of myself I need to take things back a bit.
My first love and I went off to different colleges. He was in North Carolina and I was in South Carolina. We would talk on the phone, text and occasionally chat over the Internet. We both had the same schedule when it came to school sanctioned breaks so when we got home to D.C. we would spend as much time as possible with each other. Christmas break was my favorite time cause me and him got the chance to hang out for basically a whole month. But I knew after Christmas I wouldn't get to see him again for another two months.
For me that wasn't good enough I wanted to be able to see him all the time not just talk on the phone or text. Our long distance relationship basically lasted a year and a half until things fell apart. The break up didn't really have much to do with the distance but more so us growing apart.
I grew to learn that I'm not the type of woman that would ever want to have a long distance relationship again. I like having a man near so we can hang out or just when I want to see him it's no problem.
Long distance relationships are tricky and require vast amount of trust. As I have learned recently no one wants to be constantly accused of cheating. It will only make the flower of love wilt and die.
Long distance relationships can be successful, but the right two people have to be together and have to be willing to put in the amount of time that is required to make the relationship work. I think about our men and women serving in the military that have been deployed to overseas duty while they have their special someone left in the United States.
Long distance relationships can succeed, but are you willing to put in the work?
Thanks for reading!
(John 3:16)