Sunday, February 28, 2016

Never Settle

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When I was younger I would go to the mall with my mom and with the allowance I managed to save week after week I would sometimes get the urge to buy something although I rarely splurged.  I wouldn't always have anything in particular in mind to buy, but I just knew I wanted something.  Whatever caught my eye. 

That's how it is sometimes when it comes to love and relationships, a person just knows that they want someone.  We all make up in our minds the traits we want our potential mate to have and even how we want them to treat us. 

So why is it that we sometimes deprive ourselves and accept everything less than what we feel we deserve? 

Why do people settle?

I think people settle in "love" and relationships for so many different reasons.  I think sometimes the fear of being alone, which can also be classified as desperate, can cause someone to cling to the hope of a relationship with someone who may or may not deserve them.  People also settle because they have a scarce sense of self-worth and self-esteem so they simply think that they cannot find anyone better.  That the person they are with is as good as it gets for them.

I have dated some guys that I thought were nice and maybe even possessed some of the traits I want in a man, but on some level we just didn't connect fully.  That doesn't mean that there is something wrong with them or me it is something as simply as we didn't connect.

Now, out of not wanting to be single I could have gotten into a relationship with one of those guys, but in all honesty it would have been a temporary solution and in the long run would not have been advantageous for nether of us.

So even though I don't want to be single anymore I am not settling for love or relationship because love is too grand and life is too short.

Never settle.

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(John 3:16)

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