Sunday, March 23, 2014

Romantic Movie Delusion

Romantic movies can sometimes leave a person with a false sense of how relationships should actually work.  Yes everyone deserves their happily ever after, but that does not mean that there will never be problems in the relationship.  We are human beings and although two people are compatible that does not always mean that two people are going to share the same belief or opinion.  I am a firm believer that if a person says that they never argue with their significant other then either that person is lying or someone in the relationship is going along without voicing opposition.

Soul Mates: Do You Believe?

Soul mate is a term that I have heard often, but not a topic that I have ever given too much thought to this subject.  Now that I am in a serious relationship I ponder as to whether or not a person can actually have a soul mate.  A person that they are destined to be with.  I believe that my boyfriend is my soul mate and I am his so I guess yes I do believe that some people have soul mates.