Monday, March 15, 2010

Are you a Carrie?

One of my favorite television shows is Sex And The City. Now I couldn't watch it when it originally aired because I didn't have HBO, but now I buy the seasons on DVD and watch the re-runs on TBS. I can honestly say I've seen every episode at least 4 times. I saw the first movie and can't wait for the second installment to hit theaters this summer. Its the ultimate show of a journey to love and great fashion, too.

Whenever I watch the show I always wonder what character am I. Am I a Carrie, a woman who is level headed, but always seems to get sidetracked by Mr. Big. Or am I a Samantha, a woman that is extremely promiscuous and has the attitude of a man when it comes to sexual matters. Or am I a Miranda, a woman that has been hurt by men and pushes away and mistreats the only man that she truly loves, but is crippled by fear to commit. Then there's Charlotte the hopeful romantic who converted religions just to be with the man she loved.

Now I don't mind being a Carrie or even a Samantha, but I do not want to be a Charlotte or a Miranda, but sadly I think all women are a Miranda and a Charlotte. It's just this little part of us that has been hurt in the past and causes us to push away someone that may be good for us, a Miranda. There is also this part of us that is hopeful that our prince charming is right around the corner regardless of the bad relationships of our past, a Charlotte.

Now some of us women are self proclaimed Carrie's and Samantha's. It's this one man in your past that you still think about and although you've moved on to new relationships you know that if he stepped back in your life tomorrow you would be with him, a Carrie. I must admit it's not socially acceptable to label yourself a Samantha because you may get the "she's a hoe look". I've never viewed the character Samantha like that. In my eyes she was a woman that just wanted to have fun. Ladies, don't we just want to have fun sometimes?

I think all women embodies a little something from each character. Some traits may be more dominant than others. I don't want anyone to be upset about what I said about any of the characters. This is my opinion and my view of them.

As for which character I am. I'm not telling just yet.

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(John 3:16)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Love and LUST

*Lust- (noun) intense sexual desire or appetite. uncontrolled or illicit sexual desire or craving.
*Love- (noun) a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. sexual passion or desire.

Often times when we get into relationships or before we get into them things transpire and we start to develop feelings for a person and most of us take those feelings to be love. So we'll say to that significant other "I love you" when really we should say to that person "I LUST you".

I wanted to define both love and lust so that you all would know the difference if you didn't already. Some people don't know the difference and think that love and lust are one in the same. Lust is wanting someone for sexual purposes only and it doesn't require having feelings for someone, whereas love is about having a deeper connection with someone which builds over time.

We have all lusted before and lust is tricky because it can show up as love but its not. Also sometimes a person can get caught up in wanting to love someone so bad or wanting that person to love them back that before you know it, it has all turned to lust. Then feelings get jumbled and it ends up being a mess.

So if your truly looking for love then before you get into another relationship think to yourself, could I see myself 5 years from now with this person or could I just see myself with this person 5 days. However way you answer you'll know if you have love or lust.

Thanks for reading!
(John 3:16)